SZA’s Ctrl Album A Standout One for the 20something TDE Star


SZA’s Ctrl album will be around for the summer and winter this year, especially if the premise of side chick for the summer main chick for the winter is still in effect. This Ctrl album is an open diary that allows the audience to get an understanding of the young innovative mind of this amazing artist. After listening to SZA’s album for a weekend plus, the feeling of a breath of freedom to hear music honest and real was exciting. There is a relatable understanding and vibe to the whole album, even if most my men couldn’t relate to every song particularly SZA can illustrate her lyrics graphically and creatively. From the beginning, she jumps off with an amazing start with the intro Supermodel, with her mother and grandmother providing vocals throughout the album. She goes on to talk speak her mind with family support about being sexy enough, beautiful enough, and good enough to please you. The next track and 2nd single is Love Galore which features Travis Scott and together they produce and harmonize a very gloomy but rhythmic song that gives you no choice to bop your head along to it. From fan responses, The Weekend has been the song to get the most buzz from the album. It is one of her better songs on the album drawing people to sympathize and connect with her. She paints a picture of real situations of being a side chick and being a main chick, both of which can relatable in today’s day of age. One of the more eye-appealing tracks on the album Doves in the Wind featuring Kendrick Lamar, and lives up to its height. The obvious TDE connection is prevalent by the sound, with SZA taking lead on the track with her vocals and Kendrick assisting with his creative, and catchy lyrics. This album doesn’t just speak for women empowerment, but understanding the importance of self-love and being comfortable with oneself. SZA shows so much promise for future works from this album, and has me curious what else does TDE have in store for the rest of the year. K-Dot, and SZA showcases why they exactly are called TOP DAWG Entertainment. I would recommend people to take a listen to Ctrl and vibe out to the artistry SZA oozes out on this album.

Standout Songs
Love Galore ft Travis Scott
Doves in the Wind ft Kendrick Lamar-
The Weekend-
Broken Clocks-
Normal Girl-
20 Something-