Spooky Locc – ENIGMATIC EP


Artist: Spooky
Released: 08/03/2015
Hosted By: N/A

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Spooky Locc’s Enigmatic EP shows how deep he’s able to travel through the minds of listeners with wordplay and subjects that will force you think outside the box. This is the 4th tape dropped by the Dallas, Texas native.

King Tut (Prod. by XaviorJordan)
Motivation (Prod. by Juicy Beats)
Cleaning My Pi$tol (Prod. by Real Talk)
Floetry (Prod. By ITWTment)
Higher (Prod. by Mr. KDN)
Crucified in Hollywood (Prod. by Cheta)
Next To It [Bonus Track]
Motivation Chopped not Slopped