Madeintyo – You Are Forgiven (Disc 2)


Artist: Madeintyo
Released: 04/26/2016
Hosted by: N/A

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Listen and Download “You Are Forgiven (Disc 2),” the new mixtape from Madeintyo.

Takin' Off (Prod. By MadeinTyo & K Swisha)
Morning (Prod. By K Swisha)
Bool'n (Prod. By K Swisha)
Jerry $tackhouse (Prod. By K Swisha)
Whoeva (Prod. By K Swisha)
Leftovers (Interlude) (Prod. By K Swisha)
Need Dat Pack (Prod. By ICYTWAT)
Lemon Peppers (Wet) [Prod. By K Swisha)
Spanish Jawn (Outro)