DPone – Barz & Hookz Series 1

Jon Grant (Music Editor)

Jon Grant (Music Editor)

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DPone - Barz & Hookz Series 1 cover

Artist: DPone
Released: 07/12/2015
Hosted By: Tampa Mystic

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West coast Emcee out of Pasadena, Ca (DPone) Returns to the Hip Hop Scene to release – Big Body Musik (Barz & Hookz Series 1. Also teaming up with Cool Runnings DJ/DJ Clue’s Desert Storm Radio – VP – Tampa Mystic This project is deep, full of explosive lyrics, hot content, credible producers & DPone shows how he can switch his style up on any track. Showing why he is that Emcee from the West Coast.

Time Don't Last Forever [Prod. By Killa Chemist]
No Days Off [Prod. By Genius Klub]
With the Biz
Too Smooth 2 Stutter
Bong Rips [Prod. By T-Mic]
Hydrauliks [Prod. By Don Cannon]
Trap Hop [Prod. By HashBeatz]
Pop It [Prod. By Chemist]
TeFLoN W [Prod. By Cornerboy]
Blunt Burnin' [Prod. By DJ Pain]
Innocent [Prod. By Serious]
Whatcha Want [Prod. By Predator]
Burnt [Prod. By Rated X]
On My Cali Shit [Prod. By BeatzByTweek]
Impossible Possible [Prod. By Viler]
She Watching [Prod. By Lewis Cullen]
Sexy Girl [Prod. By Lex Luger]
Good Price [Prod. By MG]
Swagga On 100 (Feat. Juice) [Prod. By Bravestarr]
Gangsta (Feat. Humble Green)
Take A Photo [Prod. By Cardiak]
Get On The Floor [Prod. By Lexus]
All About Timing
No Intermissions (Feat. Compton Menace) [Prod. By Chemist] (Bonus)
Make Them Hate (Feat. TyNittyMobb) [Prod. By White Mike] (Bonus)
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